tall statue and golden deities Lord Hanuman - tallest statue in the Caribbean and located in South Trinidad

Fun Things to do in South Trinidad Island to Experience Culture in 2024

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Last Updated on February 27, 2024


boat in the blue water on bay in Carapichaima in South Trinidad

Interesting Places in South Trinidad

After spending a couple of days enjoying Trinidad’s lovely beaches and breathtaking waterfalls, make sure you head south to discover Trinidad culture and all the fun things to do in South Trinidad. Only after you experience the way of life and traditions in Trinidad can you then head to the sister island of Tobago to find the exquisite beaches there.

Trinidad and Tobago is truly a unique and unexplored travel destination!

Best Sites to see in South Trinidad

Where is South Trinidad

Trinidad is an island in the southern Caribbean. It is south of Grenada and near the coast of Venezuela.

Almost 1/3 of Trinidad’s population has an Indian background. This gives the two-island state an amazing cultural richness. It was one of the reasons why Trinidad seemed so exotic to us in comparison with other Caribbean states.

The Indian influences mixed with the rich African and European heritage make you feel Trinidad’s vibrancy at any street corner: Music, food, clothes, architecture… All of them are a symbol of a fascinating cultural melting pot.

Explore the most important Hindu sights in Trinidad

When it comes to religion, everybody can practice their religion freely. When on Trinidad’s roads, don’t be surprised to find a Presbyterian church in front of a Hindu temple.

Let’s Start the South Trinidad Itinerary!

Temple in the Sea

3 flags in the foreground and Temple in the Sea in the distance in Trinidad
Temple in the Sea in South Trinidad

The mystical Temple in the Sea is located about 1h 30 drive from Port of Spain in Waterloo, Carapichaima in South Trinidad.

Indeed, the temple is surrounded by a unique mysterious atmosphere. Set in the sea, exotic birds circumvent the temple and broken Hindu murtis are everywhere. The Temple in the Sea is an eye-opening experience: the flags and Hindu statues adorning the temple, the murtis of Lord Shiva with flowers around their necks all make for an exotic experience in this temple.

But the story behind the construction of the Temple in the Sea is even more fascinating and emotional than the setting itself.

Explore the Temple in the Sea with this tour

The temple was first built by an Indian sugar-worker called Sewdass Sadhu. With nothing more than his hands, his bicycle, a leather bag, and some steel drums, Sadhu created an artificial island by offshoring, toiling and unloading barrels of dirt into the Gulf. All the stones were carried in his leather bag. The sea erosion prevented him from completing his work before his death.

Read more on the story and how to visit Temple of the Sea, Trinidad

The story behind the temple and its amazing setting, especially during sunset, make the “Temple in the Sea” an absolute must-do when in South Trinidad.

Sri Dattatreya Yoga Centre

elaborate and fancy front of pink buildings at Dattatreya Yoga Centre in South Trinidad

On the way back from Temple in the Sea, Waterloo, direction highway, you’ll come across the Sri Dattatreya Yoga Centre in South Trinidad in Carapachaima. The adjoining Dattatreya Yoga Centre is a pinkish masterpiece of Indian architecture.

above the window of a pink building carvings at Dattatreya Yoga Center in south Trinidad

The delicate carvings and the symbolic figurines have been made by stonemasons flown in from India. You’ll hear spiritual chants when you enter the area which immerses you in the Hindu culture. The temple complex is very spacious and I recommend taking your time to imbibe the special atmosphere.

lady standing in front of a very tall and colorful Hanuman Murti statue at Dattatreya Yoga Center in South Trinidad

The entire site is dominated by the huge murti statue and gives a place with a very solemn atmosphere…..which is famous for its 85ft (26 m) Hanuman Murti. This statue of Hanuman (the Hindu monkey god of strength), is known to be the tallest of its kind outside of India.

There is also a little shop where you can buy Hindu souvenirs and decoration items. And as the name already says, you can even take some Yoga classes here.

Visit the Hanuman Murti tour

. Please remember when you visit any of the Indian temples to take out your shoes and dress appropriately.

Pitch Lake in La Brea

lady scooping up some black substance at Pitch Lake in La Brea as one of the fun things to do in South Trinidad
Playing around at Pitch Lake in La Brea South Trinidad

When you’re in the south of Trinidad island (which is quite an expedition since roads are very bad), you shouldn’t miss visiting the Pitch Lake in La Brea.

It is one of the largest natural deposits of asphalt in the world. It has been created thousands of years ago when the Caribbean continental plate was forced under another one. Since its discovery, more than 10 million tons of asphalt have been extracted. Its pitch was used to asphalt Westminster bridge and the terminal of JFK airport.

Visiting the Pitch Lake of La Brea (pitch in Spanish) is a fun activity. Although the smell is quite terrible, many people swear that taking a swim in the lake has a very therapeutic effect!

You can also put a stick through the liquid asphalt and remove the liquid tar. Guides even recount stories about prehistoric trees and other objects that had been found in the pitch lake.

brown and black Pitch Lake largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world in South Trinidad

Although you can walk on the black, viscous, and semisolid pitch surface, you should go with a guide. There are just too many stories of people who got caught in the pitch lake and couldn’t get out anymore!

Pre-book your tour to the Pitch Lake here

A guide is provided at the entrance door of the pitch lake and costs a nominal fee. Additionally, it is a good way to find out more about the fascinating Trinidadian culture. They will be happy to answer all of your questions even if they are about Trini cooking recipes or the carnival!

Vessigny Beach

relaxing in a hammock over the sand at Vessigny Beach in South Trinidad

You can easily get overheated at the Pitch Lake in La Brea. The pitch ground keeps the heat, which gives you the sensation of walking on a barbecue. After the visit, you will be craving a cool bath.

Vessigny Beach is just a 5 minutes drive away from La Brea. The large beach is maybe not the prettiest but most weekends, it becomes a popular venue for excursions and beach parties. The water isn’t very deep either. Vessigny Beach will give you all the refreshments you need that day after cooking yourself at the Pitch Lake!

Where to stay in Trinidad

Here are some great suggestions for places to stay in Trinidad. These are resorts and rentals in safe areas on the Caribbean Island.

Check out this easy-to-use map for more suggestions of where to stay in Trinidad and Tobago.

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What do you think of all the things to do in South Trinidad and Tobago?

Trinidad is full of a lot of fun things to do and South Trinidad is no exception. It is possible to spend quite a few days exploring this area and I have only covered a small sampling. Which one will be on your list of THINGS TO DO IN SOUTH TRINIDAD? Let me know your favorite in the comments.

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