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blue water at some of the most beautiful places to see on a 7 day s sicily itinerary

7-Day East Coast Sicily Itinerary Starting in Catania

Explore the enchanting beauty of East Sicily with this 7-day East Cost Sicily itinerary. From the historic streets of Catania to the majestic slopes of Mount Etna, embark on a memorable journey through East Sicily's diverse and captivating destinations. Discover hidden gems, indulge in local traditions, and create lasting memories on this week-long adventure in one of Italy's most captivating regions.

Great selection and variety of Palermo street market food at the vendor stalls

Delicious Shopping at the Palermo Street Food Market

Enjoy the food at the Palermo street food market! The market stalls are famous for the variety of authentic Sicilian street food, rich in color & taste.

arancini recipe

Easy Arancini Recipe: Make Sicilian Rice Balls at Home

Make this easy Sicilian arancini recipe at home. Arancini, called arancine in some parts of Sicily like Palermo, are Sicilian rice balls that are easy to make from home and will allow the smells of the Sicilian market to drift through your kitchen.

arch in Palermo Sicily with beautiful sculptures on it

How to Spend One Day in Palermo Sicily

There are a lot of architecture & sites to see on a Palermo Tour in Sicily. Palermo is slowly developing as tourist market & is proud of its Sicilian heritage.

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