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Trinidad and Tobago Travel Tips

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➡️ Things to do in South Trinidad

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➡️ Where to stay in Tobago 🛏️


man jumping into waterfall in Trinidad and Tobago

Bays & Waterfalls in Trinidad and Tobago

The waterfalls in Trinidad and Tobago are sure to captivate any nature lover. Nestled amidst lush rainforests and undulating hills, these cascades offer a refreshing retreat.

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Fun Things to do in Trinidad and Tobago: Sister Islands in the Caribbean

There are many fun things to do in Trinidad and Tobago, a few miles off the Venezuela coast. The islands are one of the Caribbean’s most diverse, under-rated, & underexplored travel destinations.

behind some red flowers is a golden statue Deity figure at Temple in the Sea in Trinidad

Essential Guide to Trinidad and Tobago

Read this Guide to Trinidad and Tobago for all you need to know when you TRAVEL TO TRINIDAD and TOBAGO, the twin sister islands in the southern Caribbean.

tall statue and golden deities Lord Hanuman - tallest statue in the Caribbean and located in South Trinidad

Fun Things to do in South Trinidad Island to Experience Culture in 2023

After spending time enjoying Trinidad's lovely beaches & breathtaking waterfalls, head south to discover all the fun things to do in South Trinidad. Only after you experience the way of life & traditions in Trinidad can you then head to the sister island of Tobago to find the exquisite beaches there.

several large statues under a blue archway inside Temple of the Sea Trinidad

How to Visit the Temple in The Sea in Trinidad

Tips for visiting the beautiful Temple in the Sea in Trinidad in the Caribbean as well as the unique history of how it was built in the middle of the sea.

clear aqua bay of water with tobago beach and palm trees on the sand

Discover Beautiful Beaches in Tobago

DIscover these beautiful beaches in Tobago! Some are secluded and some are hopping with amenities and water sports. There is sure to be a perfect fit for your vacation to the beaches of Tobago!

view of green landscape for tobago guest houses

Best AirBNBs and Affordable Tobago Guest Houses

Take your pick of these luxurious guest houses in Tobago and get ready to book the most relaxing vacation of your lifetime in paradise!

great view from the best hotels in Trinidad and Tobago

Best AirBNBs & Caribbean Hotels in Trinidad and Tobago

Reserve one of these resort hotels in Trinidad and Tobago surrounded by luxury, beaches, & good food. -or find something more intimate with a top-notch AirBNB

Lord Ganesha

Beautiful Trinidad Hindu Wedding Traditions to Celebrate Marriage

Learn about Hindu wedding traditions in Trinidad including what to wear to a Hindu wedding and what to expect for the pre-wedding ceremonies like Maticoor Night. The wedding is long and full of rituals honoring the couple's love and devotion.

hindu wedding ritual

Experiencing Culture in Trinidad

Trinidad is an island in the southern Caribbean that is full of culture and customs. Read about the culture and some Hindu pre-wedding preparations and rituals that we were able to participate in.

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