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Best Place to Eat Near Everglades National Park

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Last Updated on April 19, 2024

people at a window counter ordering milkshakes with fruit in the foreground
Milkshake line at ROBERT IS HERE near Everglades National Park

This famous produce stand is the home to the best milkshake near Everglades National Park!  I can attest to that!

Robert Is Here was started in 1959 by young ROBERT at age 7.  His dad set up a small stand to sell cucumbers in the front yard with a sign that declared ‘ROBERT IS HERE.’

Nowadays, that small stand has turned into a huge barn with out-buildings and fenced-in areas.  It is huge and you can’t –and shouldn’t—Miss it!

Most people can’t resist turning into the fruit stand.  Either before or after a visit to Everglades National Park, Rober Is Here, is a great stop!

ROBERT IS HERE: 19200 SW 344th St, Florida City, FL 33034

Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily  (closed in September and October)

fruit stand with large green fruit for sale at Robert Is Here Fruit Stand near Everglades National Park

Boy do they have fruit at this fruit stand.  From ordinary to extraordinary.  Things I have never heard of and things I have never seen.  Fruits that have grown to enormous size and unbelievable fruits in amazing colors. AND of course, all the best fruit to pack on your picnic to Everglades National Park!

Grab some fruit for your picnic in Everglades National Park.

I already said these milkshakes were the best around.  They use their plentiful fresh and exotic fruit to make a boatload of different flavors.  You can even try different variations when you start mixing fruits.

animals behind a fence with people petting and feeding them

Robert is Here has an animal farm in the back!  There are goats, sheep, giant tortoises and other animals that you can watch and sometimes feed.  We watched a lot of little kids interact with the friendly (and hungry) goats.

family gathered at a picnic table with white styrofoam cups

What we didn’t know was that you can make Robert is Here a whole meal!  You can plan to have your lunch or dinner at Robert is Here. They have a bunch of picnic tables in the back near the animal farm for your dining pleasure.

All of these reasons makes ROBERT IS HERE a great place to eat near Everglades National Park and a perfect stop before or after hiking in the Everglades.

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