Amish buggy with horses in front of a building with AMISH HERITAGE wall mural painted on it in Shipshewana

Fun Ways to Experience the Culture of Amish Country in Indiana

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Last Updated on June 11, 2024

Amish father and son at a table in a market in Indiana selling cans of food

Most of the Amish communities in the US are located in Indiana.  The largest population of Amish in Indiana is in Elkhart-LaGrange Counties of Indiana, making places like Shipshewana a great place to experience Amish culture.

The Amish country in Indiana is very beautiful.  Any Amish tour that incorporates a visit to Indiana Amish country, will introduce you to amazing views in addition to the mild-mannered Amish folk that have been hand-making their goods for many decades.

small Amish boy on the side of an amish buggy with watermelons on the back for sale at the Amish market in Shipshewana

You can arrange your own Amish tour through Amish Country in Indiana. These are the backroads Amish tours to the quaint shops where you get to see the artisans at work and learn about their crafts.  Our small Amish tour visited a total of 6 Amish shops in Shipshewana and the surrounding area.  Keep reading to see the Amish men and women that we met! The Backroads Amish Tours are not always the same and can be customized.

Grab a map with all the Amish shops and bakeries and hit them as you drive around Elkhart and LaGrange County.  Take in the local Amish culture throughout the county and TAKE HOME a unique Amish souvenir that was handmade by the artisans after you chat with them in the shop.

AND THEN grab some locally grown produce from an Amish farm, a jar of harvested honey, and delicious baked goods from the Amish bakery. 

 PRO TIP: Take a cooler on your Amish tour so that you can store your perishables.

Come with us as we show you what we experienced on our tour of Amish country in Indiana and what you can expect when you tour some of the best Amish towns in Indiana.

Amish tours are one of the top things to do in Indiana and especially one of the top things to do in Shipshewana, so don’t miss out

A very special thank you to the Elkhart County CVS, LaGrange County CVS, and Visit Shipshewana for sharing their communities with me.  As always, the opinions are my own.

Amish face of man and woman with a horse and buggy in the middle

Elkhart-LaGrange Counties in Indiana (and Shipshewana, Indiana) are home to some of the largest Amish communities in the US making them the most interesting areas to visit to experience Amish culture.

Click on the interactive map above to explore Northern Indiana Amish country.

Fun Ways to Experience the Culture of Amish Country in Indiana 1 Amish Divider

Retail Specialty: Wood products – Puzzles, Baskets

ADDRESS: 1450 N 1150 W., Middlebury IN

white building for Teaberry Wood Products Amish store in Indiana

Meet the Miller family at this stop in Amish country Indiana! This is one of the most popular stops in the Indiana Amish communities!

This family-run craft shop started with wooden puzzles.  Some of the most popular puzzles from Teaberry are the nativity scenes.  They come up with a new scene design and puzzle design each year, so patrons special order them to make sure they get the latest version.

Teaberry is also known for its baskets for which they use a saw to create artwork and display pieces.  Everything about their crafting and basket-making is hands-on except the laser engraving.  A tour at Teaberry will take you step-by-step through the process of making their popular Monroe-Dutcher-style wooden baskets from a flat piece of wood.  Everyone is welcomed into their shop to see their current projects.  LaVern Miller will greet you with a friendly smile and dozens of stories about his unique culture.

holding a hand-made basket at an amish store in Indiana near Shipshewana
Monroe Dutcher Style Wooden Basket at Teaberry Wood Products in Amish Country Elkhart Indiana

Teaberry also offers group crafts. With LaVern’s help, our group was able to create our own wooden craft quilt square from the exotic and local hardwood that Teaberry uses in their products.

Amish face of man and woman with a horse and buggy in the middle

Retail Specialty: Rugs, towels and purses

ADDRESS: 7630 S 300 W, Topeka, IN 46571

Amish man weaving on a rug loom

Yoders Rug Weaving was started nearly 35 years ago in 1988 when they bought their first rug loom.  All the kids wanted to learn too, so they ended up buying a second loom.  They do shows in the spring and crafting fairs in the fall but would prefer if visitors just dropped by to see their rugs and weaving.

clothing rack of handmade purses and towels in Amish country in Indiana

They make wooden items and sew towels too!  I even saw adorable purses made from old jeans!

Stop in to see what they have on your next trip through Shipshewana Amish country.

Amish face of man and woman with a horse and buggy in the middle

Retail Specialty: Leather- belts, wallets, purses, keychains, holsters

ADDRESS: 6875 N 800 W, Shipshewana, IN 46565

black sign for SilverStar Leather Goods in a flower garden in Amish Country

Every last one of the kids in this Amish family helps out at Silver Star Leather Shop.  It is a husband and wife team that operates the fully solar-powered workshop with a staff of Amish artisans.  They use top-grain leather and exotic materials (such as shark, eel, hippo, stingray, crocodile and OTHERS) to create leather goods including purses, wallets, belts and much more!

store with racks of leather belts and purses

There aren’t too many places that deal with such a large variety of exotics!

Tours at Silver Star Leather teach how hides are made into leather and then how the leather is turned into beautiful hand-crafted accessories like belts. Tour groups gather around the table for a 20-minute presentation as the artisan makes a belt from start to finish with time for lots of questions.

man in maroon shirt holding an alligator vest

NOTE: Silver Star Leather is full of cool facts. 

  • European hides are much ‘cleaner’ than American hides due to the damaging effects of barbed wire fences in the US
  • Stingrays are soft when alive. When they tan the calcium surfaces and hardens which gives stingray the title of toughest leather on earth!

Amish face of man and woman with a horse and buggy in the middle

Retail Specialty: Custom Amish Buggies

ADDRESS: 5345 West 600  South, Topeka, IN

Hoosier Buggy Shop white sign in the background and black Amish buggy in the foreground

I doubt you will be able to purchase the goods at Hoosier Buggy Shop, but it will be an amazing learning experience to see how these custom Amish buggies are built.  Maynard will explain all the requirements that he has to outfit into the buggies and how much a buggy typically costs.  (but I won’t spoil that shocker!)

The buggy he was building when we were there even had windshield washers!

This is one of the friendliest Amish places to visit in Indiana as you are led around the shop where those Amish buggies are designed and put together.

Amish man with back facing camera working on a table and cutting some leather at his Amish shop

Amish face of man and woman with a horse and buggy in the middle

Retail Specialty: Jams and Jellies

ADDRESS: 5965 S 675 W., Topeka, IN

jars of jam on a table in a line and sorted by flavor

Delicious Amish-made jams with no artificial ingredients and just pure fruits, the way it should be.  No artificial sweeteners or artificial flavoring. These goodies are great for diabetics.  Leave some room to take home a jar or two.

Carolyn’s warm greeting as you walk through the door will make you smile.

PRO TIP:  They also sell salsa and homemade Amish noodles

Amish face of man and woman with a horse and buggy in the middle

ADDRESS: 1360 N 850 W Shipshewana, IN

cow being milked at a Dairy Farm in Shipshewana

One of the iconic stops on a Backroads Amish Tour in Shipshewana is one of the Amish farms in Indiana to tour a working dairy farm.  Our tour stopped at the Stutzman Dairy Farm, a 6th-generation Amish family farm that gave us a personal tour.

They had a viewing platform in the milking parlor where we could see the cows file into the stalls, be outfitted with the milking machines, and then file out back to the barn.

PRO TIP:  Make sure you call ahead to reserve your authentic dairy farm tour since they only give tours on certain days and times.

Amish face of man and woman with a horse and buggy in the middle

No.  Most Amish stores in Indiana are closed in the evenings and on Sundays so that the Amish families can spend quality time together.

Lady standing on the outside of an Amish horse and buggy

After you visit all the Amish shops, don’t forget to take an Amish buggy ride tour.  There are several places to get an Amish Buggy Ride in Shipshewana. We chose Buggy Lane Tours on the Boardwalk in the Harrison Street Shop complex and right near the Davis Mercantile.  This buggy company looked more authentic since it was a typical black Amish buggy. Ours was driven by our Amish driver, Perry, and pulled by our horse, Stormy.

Our Amish Buggy Ride circled the little town of Shipshewana and passed by Amish and Mennonite homes in a relaxing buggy ride while we chatted with Perry.  We even passed Perry’s brother who was doing a tour in a white buggy for that ‘Other Company’ as he called it!

Amish face of man and woman with a horse and buggy in the middle

  • Where to shop in Amish Country Indiana for authentic goods and fun souvenirs
  • Where to buy Amish food in Indiana
Amish man in a hat pushing a grocery cart down the bread aisle at the bulk food store in Shipshewana

E & S Sales Bulk Food store is the grocery store in Shipshewana and one of the Amish stores in Indiana.  You can still drive your car to the bulk food store, but it will be parked out front, while all the horses and buggies will be hitched on the side.

This is a unique shopping experience where you can stroll the aisles, pushing your shopping cart behind an Amish family of 4 who are also browsing the nut aisle.

Stock up on fresh Amish foods and snacks before you embark on your trip through Amish country to explore all the things to do in Shipshewana.

PRO TIP:  The bulk food store isn’t open on Sundays or in the evenings, and like most Amish businesses, they don’t take credit cards, only CASH and checks.

Amish face of man and woman with a horse and buggy in the middle

Besides being known for its Amish population, Shipshewana is known for its flea market and Amish shopping.  This large 40-acre lot of vendors features many Amish-made products.  If you want more ways to interact with the Amish in Indiana, stop at the open-air flea market to wander through the 700 stalls and experience the most diverse shopping in the Midwest!

There is FREE ADMISSION (and parking is only $5).  The Flea Market is open Tuesdays & Wednesdays from May through September.

There are some special weekends for extended markets, like Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

Find out all the year-round events at the Shipshewana Flea Market Calendar of Events.

FREE ADMISSION (and parking is just $5).  The Flea Market is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from May through September.

Amish face of man and woman with a horse and buggy in the middle

Amish face of man and woman with a horse and buggy in the middle

Immersing yourself in Indiana’s Amish Country offers a unique glimpse into a way of life that values simplicity, tradition, and community. From touring authentic Amish farms and sampling homemade delicacies to exploring quaint shops and witnessing traditional craftsmanship, each experience provides a deeper understanding of the Amish culture.

As you engage with the local community, you’ll discover the rich history and enduring customs that define this distinctive region. By exploring our list of ways to connect with Amish culture, you not only gain insight into their everyday lives but also develop a profound appreciation for their steadfast commitment to living harmoniously with nature and each other.

Whether you’re a curious traveler or a cultural enthusiast, Indiana’s Amish Country promises an enriching and memorable journey.

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