old courthouse building in Goshen Indiana with people sitting on a bench on the green lawn in front of it

Best 6 Attractions in Goshen Indiana for a weekend getaway

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Last Updated on June 11, 2024

trees and flowers in front of an old ornate building in Goshen Indiana

Goshen is nestled in the heart of Indiana’s Amish country and is the county seat of Elkhart County.  It is a quaint little town with a charming atmosphere that offers various attractions for different types of travelers.

Follow along as we explore the top six must-visit attractions in Goshen Indiana that will make your weekend trip unforgettable!

Our recent trip to Goshen introduced us to some of the Well-Crafted makers in Elkhart County as we visited the shops and eateries.  We could feel the passion and drive behind each of the shops.  We listened as they explained how the products were handcrafted, and we took note of exactly how many years ago their business ventures began – some of them family-owned for generations.  Goshen Indiana has something special to offer if you take the time to explore the community.

What do they make in Elkhart County and Goshen Indiana? SO MUCH!! Let me tell you!

A very special thank you to the Elkhart County CVS for sharing the Goshen Indiana community with me.  As always, the opinions are my own.

row of motorcycles outside on pavement beneath a Janus motorcycle sign

The biggest item on the list of things made in Goshen is a MOTORCYCLE!  One of the best things to do in Goshen Indiana is to visit the Janus Motorcycle shop where they specialize in building bikes for the everyday motorcycle enthusiast.  What they do, they do well!

Janus caters to the joyrider and those who love to breeze along winding roads!  They make small, lightweight bikes, not designed specifically to ride across the country or make waves at the racetrack, but to give the everyday rider a great time.

frame of motorcylce being built at Janus motorcycle in Elkhart Indiana

Each bike is built specifically for the rider, thoughtfully designed, and beautiful to behold.  They sell factory-direct and get to know YOU!  The Janus goal is to make each owner happy beyond belief with their new bike.

Bring your enthusiasm and helmet to test ride a Janus Motorcycle and bring the whole family to tour the factory showroom to learn about these one-of-a-kind bikes!

red and white canopy over a small nostalgic store in Goshen Indiana - Olympic Candy

The Olympia Candy Kitchen is a more-than-a-century-old nostalgic candy shop that was expanded into a soda fountain and diner early in its years. It is a family-run shop that has been passed down from generation to generation.  The shop specializes in hand-dipped chocolates and nostalgic charm, including its dark wooden booths and candy counter which are highlights of the soda fountain.

old fashion round stools in front of a soda fountain counter in Goshen Indiana
open sign in front of storefront windows for a body care supply store in Goshen Indiana

Soapy Gnome is a cozy independent gift shop that specializes in handcrafted soap and body care products. They are not just a soap store, but also have practical ‘cozy’ gifts like teas, Turkish towels, candles, pajamas, and anything that makes life cozy!  They carry their own brand as well as other brands from artisans in the local area

How does Soapy Gnome make its body care products?

They only use premium ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.  Scents are added to products with essential oils.  All the products are vegetarian-friendly.

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What do the gnomes represent?

Gnomes are earth spirits that live for hundreds of years.  They make friends and care for animals.  These are all traits that Soapy Gnomes wants to embrace and promote!

buildings on a street with a marquee sign for the Goshen Theater in light up letters

Downtown Goshen is a small town in Elkhart County that should be on your weekend itinerary.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and you can see why along each street!  The town has lots of little shops, family pubs, unique boutiques, and antique malls.  Some of the local businesses are in well-preserved historic architecture and some are in beautifully restored properties.

The Goshen Theater, a beautifully restored historic venue, serves as a cultural cornerstone that hosts an array of performances and events that enrich the community’s cultural life.

bike trail into the horizon with the setting sun
Image Courtesy of @Visit Shipshewana

The Pumpkinville Nature Trail is a 17-mile paved trail through Elkhart County in the Amish countryside towns of Goshen, Middlebury, and Shipshewana.  It gets its name from the Pumpkinville Railroad, upon which the flat trail now provides a great avenue for hikers, joggers, and bicyclists.


signs with the distances to different towns along the Pumpkinvine Trail from Goshen Indiana

Pro Tip:  Keep score along the trail and watch for wooden bridges, Amish schools, tunnels, and even the Chief Shipshewana Memorial!

Red barn Meno Hof Amish Museum in front of a lake reflecting the images in Shipshewana

Visit Elkhart County communities

Elkhart County, Indiana, is home to several small towns, each with its own unique character and attractions. The notable small towns in Elkhart County include:

  1. Goshen – Known for its vibrant downtown, historic architecture, and strong community events.
  2. Elkhart – The county seat, famous for its RV manufacturing industry and cultural venues.
  3. Nappanee – Rich in Amish heritage, offering cultural experiences and artisan craftsmanship.
  4. Middlebury – A quaint town with rural charm, known for the Das Dutchman Essenhaus and scenic countryside.
  5. Bristol – Nestled along the St. Joseph River, featuring historic sites and beautiful parks.
  6. Wakarusa – Renowned for its Maple Syrup Festival and the historic Wakarusa Dime Store.
  7. Millersburg – A small, close-knit community with a peaceful rural atmosphere.
  8. New Paris – A quiet town with a strong agricultural presence and a welcoming community.
  9. Foraker – A tiny, unincorporated community known for its serene setting and local farms.

Visit LaGrange County communities

LaGrange County, Indiana is a neighboring county that features a number of charming small towns, each with its unique rural character and attractions. The notable small towns in LaGrange County include:

  1. LaGrange – The county seat, known for its historic courthouse, local shops, and community events.
  2. Shipshewana – Famous for Indiana’s Amish culture population, bustling flea market, and quaint downtown filled with shops and Shipshewana eateries. Spend at least a weekend in Shipshewana!
  3. Howe – Home to the historic Howe Military Academy and the scenic Cedar Lake.
  4. Topeka – A small town with a strong Amish community, known for its simple lifestyle and horse-and-buggy traffic.
  5. Mongo – A quiet, rural town located near the Pigeon River Fish and Wildlife Area, popular for outdoor activities like fishing and hiking.
  6. Wolcottville – Straddling the border between LaGrange and Noble counties, known for its lakes and outdoor recreation opportunities.
pizza cutter going through a thin pizza at Venturi in Goshen Indiana

Venturi is an award-winning Italian pizza shop in Goshen.  If you are a pizza-lover, you must stop and try it.  They have been certified by the Vera Pizza Napoletana since 2011, which means their pizzas are crafted to the high standards of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza.

The Neapolitan-style pizza originated centuries ago in Naples, Italy.  It is a circular, light and soft, thin-crust pizza ranging in size from 22 to 35 cm (8.5 to 14 in) in diameter, and is cooked in a 900-degree wood-fired pizza oven.

The Venturi Neapolitan pizza is crafted with imported Caputo Flour and San Marzano tomatoes.  While the fresh basil and mozzarella are handmade every day, fresh tomatoes, greens, and berries are locally grown and sourced. Stop in and try Indiana’s first certified Neapolitan restaurant!

tables and chairs in a restaurant with a tin ceiling and a pizza oven behind a counter in a restaurant in Goshen Indiana

I can’t end this article without recommending all the places to eat in Shipshewana! After your weekend in Goshen, head over to the neighboring county and have a meal or two in Shipshewana! The Amish cooking will not disappoint your palate!

You will not be bored during your weekend in Goshen since there is so much to do. Did I miss your favorite activity? Let me know in the comments!

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