great Amish food and best Shipshewana Places to Eat

Places to Eat in Shipshewana: Great Amish Food

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Last Updated on February 13, 2024

Burger in Shipshewana for lunch

Shipshewana is a charming town in Indiana known for its Amish and Mennonite population.  Of course, this has a very strong influence on the dining options with many restaurants in Shipshewana offering homemade and hearty Amish cooking, Midwest flavors, and family-style servings.

We spent some time exploring the town and filling our bellies with many delicious meals.  Our favorite Shipshewana restaurants served up classics like fried chicken and homemade pies.  These are our top recommendations for places to eat in Shipshewana, including some fun snack stops!

A special thank you to the LaGrange County Convention & Visitors Bureau and Visit Shipshewana for sharing their community with me.  As always, the opinions are my own.

large white building of Blue Gate Restaurant in shipshewana with flowers in front of it
Blue Gate Restaurant: one of the best restaurants in Shipshewana!

This is our number one recommendation for where to eat in Shipshewana.  DO NOT go home without grabbing a meal here, but make sure to leave plenty of time to sit back and savor it.  –Hey, we actually skipped eating lunch, so that we would have more tummy room for all the food from the Blue Gate Restaurant!

It gets crowded later in the evening, so go early if you don’t want a long wait for a table.  But even if there is a wait, they have a convenient paging system so that you can visit the gift shop or lounge in the cozy chairs while you put your feet up on the front porch.

The family-owned restaurant is very homey with friendly service.  They offer two dining choices including buffet or sit down. 

PRO TIP: There is an all-you-can-eat dining option at the sit-down which is just like the buffet, so that is what we recommend. 

bowls and dishes of homestyle amish food on a large tray at the Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana
All-you-can-eat when dining at the Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana

With the all-you-can-eat option, you can still enjoy everything on the menu just like at the buffet.  The Amish cooking was delish.  We had fried chicken, meatloaf, Amish noodles, beans, corn, stuffing, potatoes, and rolls.  Make sure you try the apple butter and sweet peanut butter on the rolls —it’s just like a dessert!

delicious peanut butter pie with a fork in it

Save room for dessert after dining at all the delicious restaurants in Shipshewana IN!!   Or just buy some dessert to take home. Get a To -Go Box! For example, there are over 25 flavors of Amish pies for you to choose from.

The Blue Gate Bakery is located right next to the Blue Gate Restaurant.  They sell all the goodies that are served in the restaurant, like homemade bread, cookies & bars, and pies that are made from scratch every day. 

Try the peanut butter pie and then tell me you agree with me about just how good it was!

Too tired to shop in the bakery?  No worries, you can buy Blue Gate Restaurant Amish foods and gift baskets online and have it all shipped right to your front door!

Order Amish Food Here

white building with red roof of the Rise and Roll Bakery in Shipshewana

The Rise and Roll Bakery is a franchise but still has the atmosphere of a small shop. It began as a small Amish bakery, using no electricity.  Today, they still maintain the quality of their baked products and serve up their bakery in the old-fashioned way -without preservatives.

They are known for their addictive cinnamon and caramel donuts.  We tried a box and will cast our vote to agree that they were delicious!

Find the Nearest Rise’n Roll Bakery

white building of Auction Restaurant in Shipshewana with 2 cars in front of it

The Auction Restaurant is located right next to the Shipshewana Flea Market property.  Make sure you eat at least one meal at this cozy restaurant. They serve delicious Amish-style home cooking.  We had to try their special Tenderloin Sandwich and it did not disappoint!  We finished off our lunch with a piece of home-baked pie!

a plate with a crescent roll bun with salad on it and fries, bowl of fruit, and bowl of applesauce on a wooden table at one of the places to eat in Shipshewana

Amish man in a hat pushing a grocery cart down the bread aisle at the bulk food store in Shipshewana

E & S Sales is the bulk food store and grocery store in Shipshewana where you can stock up for your trip through the Amish countryside in Shipshewana.  The store is located near the world-famous Flea Market This isn’t just an ordinary grocery store.  While shopping at E & S Sales you will find extra-ordinary foods and goods inside –some that you can’t find anywhere else. 

In fact, we stopped there before our trip home to purchase some milk from Stutzman Dairy Farm and some homemade Amish noodles.

In front of the large parking lot, dozens of horses and buggies are parked, awaiting their owners’ return.  Grab a grocery cart and walk through the aisles of the bulk food store alongside the local Amish who are doing their daily shopping with their kids in bonnets walking calmly beside them. 

PRO TIP:  They aren’t open on Sundays and in the evenings, so get your shopping done early in the day.  Also, like most Amish businesses, they don’t take credit cards, only CASH and checks.

display of popcorn on shelves in a store in Shipshewana Indiana

A stop at Yoder Popcorn is a must-do when you Visit Shipshewana! They have FREE SAMPLES for you to munch on while you stroll around the shop!!  Who doesn’t love free snacks?

Yoder Popcorn was started in 1936 on an Amish family farm.  Today, Rufus Yoder’s great-niece, Sharon, and her family operate the Popcorn Shoppe with the same quality of popcorn that has earned it its excellent reputation! 

lady rolling dough into a thin line to make a pretzel to go in the baking sheet next to her at a restaurant in Shipshewana

Jojo’s Pretzels is located in the Davis Mercantile Mall.  Jojo’s is famous not only for the pretzels but also for the glass counter where you can watch all the pretzels being handmade from the original pretzel shop in town.  The speed at which they roll out the dough, shape it, and then bake it is very impressive.

You won’t go hungry when traveling to the midwest town of Shipshewana. There is too much good food and Amish cooking. Make sure to save room in your stomach and include all of these great places to eat in Shipshewana on your itinerary when you planning a trip to Shipshewana in the Amish countryside.

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I have tried Amish food but during my visit to PA. I haven’t tried it in Indiana and I didn’t realize there was such an Amish presence there. There are definitely some great options in Shipshewana!

Thanks for this great information-I’ll be using it to plan my meals when I visit Shipshewana later this year!

I haven’t tried Amish food yet, so it’s interesting to see what’s on offer. And free popcorn? It’s great they let you taste the product before buying. I wouldn’t mind those pretzel samples either 🙂

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