Three sunflowers in a sunflower field in ohio

Bright Yellow Sunflower Fields in Ohio for 2023

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Last Updated on July 7, 2023

Beautiful & Bright Cleveland Ohio Sunflower Fields

The bright yellow sunflowers are reaching for the sky bringing in a cheery and happy atmosphere in the sunflower fields in Ohio.  They are shaped like the sun, orient themselves toward the sun’s warm glow, are tinted the color of sunshine, and provide energy in the form of nourishment and vibrancy.

Sunflowers exhibit many of the sun’s positive characteristics, all contributing to their appropriate namesake.  Their charm is highly recognized as a favorite among Instagrammers, newlyweds, and those just wanting to brighten their day.  No one can deny the sweet splendor of these huge yellow beauties that bring joy to everyone who sees them extending their petals toward our glowing orb in the sky.

lady standing in a sunflower field in ohio with arms spread wide in happiness
My first trip to a sunflower field!

What are Sunflowers?

Sunflowers are one of the fastest-growing plants and can reach a height of 3 – 15 feet tall.  They are mainly grown in North and South America, admired for their beauty resembling the sun, and harvested for their healthy sunflower seeds.  

When do the sunflowers bloom in Ohio?

The Ohio sunflowers bloom for about 3 weeks in the fall, usually in August. They come in many varieties and colors, having yellow to red petals arranged in a large circle to resemble the sun’s rays.  The young sunflowers exhibit a characteristic known as heliotropism, which means that they will seek out the sun’s rays and face the sun.

sunflower reaching for the sky in a field of sunflowers in ohio

The beauty of sunflowers has long been admired and was a great inspiration for many Impressionist painters, including the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, who painted two series of paintings dedicated to these magnificent flowers. They are such a popular subject for artwork.

Add to your art collection by designing your own sunflower art piece so that they can bloom on your walls throughout the year! Check out these tips for painting your own realistic sunflower. Perhaps I can try my hand at creating some of these beauties!

painting of sunflowers on a yellow background by vincent van gogh
Image by johnnyjohnson20430 from Pixabay

These sun-loving flowers are also human life-savers that soak up heavy metals and toxins from the ground, effectively cleaning the soil around them.  Millions of these flowers were planted and used to reduce the nuclear pollution after Chernobyl!

Where are the best sunflower fields in Ohio

There are massive mazes of sunflower fields in Ohio on farms throughout the state.  They are planted in the spring and these warm glowing beauties bloom in the fall.  Some of the Ohio sunflower fields offer photography opportunities while some of them offer the opportunity to cut your own sunflowers. 

Choose your favorite sunflower field to visit this fall!

Sunflower Field Near Me

Find the closest sunflower field near you and click on the link for the details for the sunflower farm in Ohio

Here is a list of some of the best sunflower fields in Ohio, as well as popular events being held this year in some of the sunflower fields.  Take note of some of these fun events that offer visitors a beautiful and fun space to enjoy the loveliness of Ohio’s sunflower fields for the 3 weeks that they are in bloom.


Maria's Field of Hope
Image courtesy of Prayers from Maria Foundation

There are two very special sunflower fields near Cleveland, Ohio called Maria’s Field of Hope Sunflower Fields. They are inspired by the memory and spirit of Maria McNamara and planted as a way to love and honor the courageous children battling cancer and those lost too soon. They flourish in the fall and the blooms remain for childhood cancer awareness month in September.

In 2006, a courageous 6-year-old, Maria McNamara was diagnosed with glioma, a rare brain cancer.  Maria McNamara died on July 14, 2007, at the age of seven from this deadly disease.  Her parents wanted to help fund research into the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of childhood brain cancer, so they started the Prayers from Maria Children’s Glioma Cancer Foundation

Sunflower Fields have been planted at the Avon location Sunflower Field!!!!

Follow the Prayers from Maria Instagram Account for up-to-date info on the sunflower bloom at both locations!

Choose the Perfect Sunflower Outfit HERE

In 2013 the first sunflower field was planted by the foundation in Avon and the second one in Sandusky was started after that.  These two fields were planted in order to draw attention to under-funded brain cancer research.  While the fields are free to visit, DONATIONS are encouraged, gladly accepted, and targeted toward progressing the important research into deadly childhood cancers and developing life-saving treatments.

The Foundation has initiated numerous seed grants that have gone on to receive funding from the National Institute of Health and other organizations.  Their efforts are on track for nearly $8 million for the fight against pediatric brain cancer.  Read about the different research projects and grants here.

If you are interested in donating to this great cause, follow the link below for donations that will go straight to childhood brain cancer research.

The Foundation holds many fun, family events at the sunflower fields.  Once the sunflowers’ bloom season has ended, the Foundation harvests the sunflower fields for the seeds and bags them as birdseed to sell at Maria’s Shop and at their online store.  All proceeds from the sunflower seed sales go toward the Foundation’s fight to end childhood cancer.

The “Dedicate a Sunflower” program is a way to honor loved ones and friends. Visitors to the sunflower fields are able to dedicate a sunflower in memory of a special someone. The Prayers for Maria Foundation will attach every prayer card to the sunflowers all around the fields to increase awareness and show support.

Flower with a letter on it dedicated to a loved one attached to a sunflower
Dedicated Sunflower at Prayers from Maria Sunflower Field in Avon
  • In Memory of a lost loved one or someone who has passed away
  • In Honor of a special occasion like a birthday, graduation, or anniversary
  • In Support of a first responder
  • In Honor of someone battling an illness
  • Create your own special prayer card to be placed on a flower

The Prayers from Maria Sunflower Fields are happy to welcome professional photographers. Please first obtain a Sunflower Shutterbug Pass to support Maria’s Field of Hope. Sunflower Shutterbug Passes can be ordered online and picked up or purchased at Maria’s Shop at either sunflower field.

  • Sunflower Shutterbug One-Day Pass = $50 donation
  • Sunflower Shutterbug Season Pass = $100 donation

Perfect Sunflower Photoshoot Outfits HERE

Prayers From Maria Sunflower Field – Avon MAP

admiring the sunflowers at maria's field of hope in avon ohio

Maria’s Field of Hope, located in Avon at the corner of Jaycox and Chester Roads, is the larger of the Prayers from Maria Foundation Sunflower fields.  Free parking is in the grassy area next to the field.  It is not paved and has a LOT of dips and potholes all around it, so drive slowly.

At a WHOPPING 23 acres, there is sure to be a beautiful, secluded section somewhere that is calling out your name for a private photography session.  Follow one of the pathways and see where it takes you.  Pets are welcome in Maria’s sunflower field, so feel free to bring your furry loved ones too.

Maria’s shop is located at the front of the field where you can purchase merchandise that benefits the foundation or dedicate a flower to a special someone.

When we went on the weekend, there was even an ice cream truck parked at the entrance.  We were able to purchase some refreshing snacks after our walk in the field.

Prayers From Maria Sunflower Field – Sandusky MAP

Maria’s Field of Hope in Sandusky is the Foundation’s second sunflower field.  It is a smaller sunflower field but still has 8 acres of blooming sunflowers.

Free parking is at Cedar Point’s Express Hotel. 

As a reminder, entrance to this field is free, but donations to the foundation are suggested and always appreciated.  Make sure to bring some cash to slip into the donation box.

What to wear to a Sunflower Photoshoot HERE

While you are in that area admiring the sunflowers in Ohio, be sure to stop by some of the BEST BEACHES NEAR CLEVELAND AND LAKE ERIE!


sunflower field in ohio with a lot of sunflowers
Sunflower Farm Ohio Image courtesy of Visual Story Telling & Co.

MAP 5455 Davis Dr, Newark, OH 43056

BLOOMS will be ready: July 31-August 12, 2023 

22 Acres Farm is busy planning for the 2023 season so that you can enjoy their 5 acres of beautiful Sunflower Gardens with over 15 varietals of sunflowers, lavender, and white daisies This farm is packed full of activities for a fun-filled day outdoors with the family or your special someone.

The sunflower fields will have a rolling start date this year from late July through August on Mondays through Saturdays.  There are many special events on Saturdays like Yoga in the Sunflower Field, so make sure to check the calendar’s special event hours before you head out.

one sunflower peeking up over the sunflower field
Image courtesy of Visual Story Telling & Co.

22 Acres Farm has many paths to wander through the sunflower fields, benches to sit and enjoy the buzzing of the bees, and photo opportunities EVERYWHERE.  They have many cute photo stations staggered throughout the sunflower field so make sure you stop at them to snap some cool themed shots.

The farm animals are located next to the sunflower field and guests are able to purchase food to feed them for 25 cents (bring change for the vending machine).  There are alpacas, goats, young steer, baby turkeys, and sheep at the petting zoo at this amazing Ohio sunflower field.

General admission to the 22 Acres Farm sunflower field is $5!  You can purchase a ticket online ahead of time.  Tickets are also sold at the field with cash or credit.

lots of sunflowers in a field
Image courtesy of Visual Story Telling & Co.

Admission includes your choice of one sunflower to take home.  Bring your own cutter and something to keep the stem moist on your drive home. If you fall in love with more than one blooming sunflower, no worries, additional sunflowers can be purchased at the farm.

22 Acres Farm works in conjunction with Visual Story Telling & Co to enable you to have absolutely beautiful professional photographs in the sunflower field.  You can sign up for a photoshoot before you arrive at the sunflower field or wing it and have a free spontaneous shoot.  If you are planning a wedding proposal, THIS is the perfect spot!

Sunflower Photoshoot Outfit Ideas HERE

Amateur photographer?  No problem!  Take as many family photos and selfies as you want! Tag 22 Acres Farm on Facebook or Instagram!  You can also send your photo to to be included in the end-of-season review video.  Enjoy the video from 2020.


greefield berry farm sunflower field- truck full of sunflowers
Image courtesy of Greenfield Berry Farm

MAP 2485 Major Rd, Peninsula, OH 44264

Fresh Cut Sunflowers near Cleveland Ohio at Greenfield Berry Farm


Greenfield Berry Farm staggers small patches of sunflowers so that there are some beautiful blooms available for a longer period and extended season.  This is the perfect place to come to cut sunflowers for yourself to make an arrangement of happiness to display in a vase on your kitchen table.

Be prepared to walk in their large fields to search for your perfect flowers and supply your own cutter and flower bucket.  The sunflowers are $1 per stem with a minimum of $10.  If you don’t want to cut your own sunflowers, they occasionally have a table of self-serve pre-cut flowers on the roadside in front of the farm. 

Pre-cut sunflowers at Greenfield Berry Farm Sunflower Field in Ohio
Pre-cut Sunflowers Image Courtesy of Greenfield Berry Farm Sunflower Field in Ohio

Check out the Greenfield Berry Farm Facebook Page for the announcement of their first bloom, their seasonal hours, and the current COVID policies —or sign up for updates for email announcements of SUNFLOWER EVENTS.

While you are in the area, do some hiking along the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Trails which begin right up the road, 7 minutes away from Greenfield Berry Farm. It is a little-known Ohio treasure and filled with many hiking trails and gorgeous waterfalls. Take a look at my tips article to find out all that this National Park has to offer.


MAP 9600 Columbiana Canfield Rd. Canfield, Ohio

This sunflower field in Ohio allows cutting the blooms for $2 per stem.  They are open every day during the season from 9 – 5pm.  Amateur photography is allowed, but no pets.

How to dress for a Sunflower Photoshoot HERE

We were the only ones in the fields during our visit to Angiuli’s Farm Market, so this one might be a great sunflower field to visit if you don’t want other people in your photos.


MAP 9249 State Rt 62, Canfield, OH

The White House Fruit Farm is not a sunflower field, but I wanted to add it to this list so that you made sure to include it on your itinerary if you stop at Agiuli’s Farm.  The White House Fruit Farm is nearby –just a short 5-minute drive and it is a must-see —or rather must-taste! 

They have a large selection of farm fruits and vegetables.  BUT their claim to ultimate FAME is their 30 varieties of donuts!  Stop here and try one, perhaps a blueberry donut since they are the most popular.  You won’t be disappointed.

The property is a nice backdrop that is very conducive to photography and those Instagram selfies.  They have even developed a Farm Map so that you can make sure to hit all the good photograph hot spots located around the farm.


MAP 8637 Mulberry Road, Chesterland, Ohio

Cut Your Own Sunflowers at Rogish Farm! They are only open on certain days and times and you must have a reservation to visit these sunflower fields. To get all the details and make a reservation, visit their website, go to the Sunflower Page, and click on the reservations and info button.

Sessions sell out, so plan ahead! They stagger their planting so that the sunflower bloom season goes on for a whole month.

Admission is $15 per carload and you will receive 1-quart mason jar to fill with sunflowers, additional jars are $10 each.


MAP 3115 E Western Reserve Rd., Poland, Ohio

Pick your own sunflowers at this Ohio sunflower field in Poland, Ohio.  The sunflowers are $2 per stem while they are blooming.

Events at Sunflower Fields in Ohio


MAP 24688 County Road 10, Coshocton, Ohio

The tagline of the Coshocton Sunflower Festival is “Experience the Joy of Living Sunshine!” and they are all about creating experiences for visitors to spend time with family and friends surrounded by cheery sunflowers on all sides. They grow many varieties of sunflowers in their fields and have many paths to wander and take photos of. They have already planned most of this year’s events, so mark your calendar!!

August 5th, 2023

SIPPIN ON SUNSHINE: 21 and older event. Wander through the sunflower fields and sip on samples of Ohio’s wines and beers. Grab a bite to eat at the food truck and sit back to enjoy the views of the field and it transforms into its spectacular yellow splendor.

August 6th, 7th, 8th, 2023

EARLY BLOOMERS DAY & EARLY WEEKDAYS: These non-festival days are for early birds who are eager to get a peek at the sunflowers before the field is in full bloom. There are tractor rides, food (weekend only), and sunflower picking, but no live music. Each ticket includes admission and one sunflower.

NOTE: Not all varieties may be blooming yet

August 11 – 13th, 2023

COSHOCTON SUNFLOWER FESTIVAL DAYS: This is the big festival with the sunflower field in full bloom. There are wagon rides (weekend only) to the field of over 30 varieties of flowers, food, a beer garden, craft vendors, live music, and daily activities.

Each ticket includes admission, a wagon ride (on the weekend) to the field, and a sunflower.

Note: Flowers of most varieties are in peak bloom in this time period – growing conditions permitting.


NOTE: in addition to pre-purchasing Sunflower Festival tickets, you can also pre-purchase some flower arrangments, like a BUNDLE of SUNSHINE sunflower bouquet!!


Dates to be announced

Live yoga music and yoga led by an instructor in the sunflower fields.  Come relax and get close to nature during these morning sessions. Yoga in the Sunflowers at 22 Acres Farm is $20.

Preregistration is required, more info coming soon!

Stay in touch with the button below to be kept up-to-date with the news for
Yoga in the Sunflowers when it is released.

Why do Outdoor Yoga in the Sunflower Fields?

The sunflower fields are a great place to take your yoga practice outdoors under the big blue sky with the warm sun massaging you against the cool morning breeze.  Just being outside in the natural sunlight will increase your production of Vitamin D and improve your mood. The fresh air outdoors deepens your breathing, providing more oxygen to stimulate your brain so that you can think more clearly.

You will be more grounded by being immediately in touch with the ground, and the earth, thus releasing tension and enjoying a sense of calm and well-being. The live yoga music will be calming and relaxing as you gaze at the beautiful sunflowers.

Subscribe for updates on Sunflower Field Events in Ohio


Tips for Visiting Sunflower Fields in Ohio

When is the best time to visit the sunflower fields in Ohio?

Anytime during the bloom! They bloom for 3 – 4 weeks during August and September depending on when the field was planted in the spring. For more tips on the best time to capture great photos in a sunflower field, visit my SUNFLOWER PHOTOSHOOT TIPS page.

Be prepared for nature.

There will be plenty of bugs in the sunflower fields. If you are allergic to bee stings, come prepared. The bees are more interested in the flowers than you, though accidents can still occur. There may also be mosquitos, so you can also grab some bug spray for protection.

Bring some cash.

Several of the sunflower fields in Ohio are non-profits and collect donations for a good cause. Bring some money to contribute to their cause so that they can continue to plant the beautiful sunflowers year after year. You can always donate online if you forget your cash, but it is also nice to stuff some bills in the donation jar while you are there in the fields.

Weather affects the sunflower fields.

Rainy weather will make the sunflower fields muddy, so wear appropriate shoes. They may also be wet in the morning before all the dew is burned off in the hot sunshine. The best practice is not to wear good shoes to go walking around in sunflower fields.

What should you wear to the sunflower fields?

For more details about what to wear, including the best colors and the best shoes, take a look at my Sunflower Clothing article for special tips about what to wear to a sunflower field! Let me know what you decide to wear for your photoshoot with the sunflowers!

Reasons for Visiting the Ohio Sunflower Fields

Support a good cause

girl walking with a single sunflower
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

Maria’s Fields of Hope are sunflower fields in Ohio that support research into childhood cancers.  Every dollar spent at this amazing sunflower field will go toward a good cause.  Not only can you walk around the fields, but you can do so knowing that you have contributed toward helping children everywhere with recovery.

Enjoy the beauty

large field of sunflowers
Photo by Tim Bish on Unsplash

Yellow flowers extending to the sky for as far as you can see, swaying in the breeze with the sunlight falling delicately on their outstretched petals - so much beauty will surround you as you wander through the sunflower fields in Ohio! Take it all in and breathe the fresh air. Nature has so much to offer.

For more beautiful flower fields around the world, check out this post!

Meet nature’s creatures

bee and ladybug on a sunflower

Nature has a lot of creatures that exist in the sunflower fields.  The bumblebees are plentiful and you can spend hours watching them do their business as they buzz from one yellow flower to the next.  Take precautions if you are allergic, but the bees are more concerned about their flower duties than bothering all the humans in the fields.

Surround yourself with happiness

Sunflowers seem to transmit happiness!  You can’t help but smile as you approach the sunflower field.  There is nothing like being in the middle of the field and looking at the 6-foot-tall yellow beauties surrounding you.

If you choose a sunflower field that allows cutting, like Greenfield Berry Farm, you will be able to take that happiness home and display it on your kitchen table so that it can be a ray of light each morning when you have your breakfast with your loved ones.

Social distance with ease

girl taking a picture in a sunflower field
Photo by nine koepfer on Unsplash

Most of the Ohio Sunflower Fields are huge.  For example, Maria’s Field of Hope in Avon is 28 acres!  There is plenty of room to social distance from others and wander in your own private area of the sunflower field safe, away from others, and in your own space where you can appreciate the sunflowers and capture great photos.

Take photos with friends and family

mother and daughter holding hands in a sunflower field
Showing love for my mom in a sunflower field Ohio

Social media and selfies are a perfect match for the Ohio sunflower fields. Snap one of yourself in front of these beauties or pose in a group with the whole sunflower field as your backdrop. 

Professional photographers must purchase a license at the fields, but amateurs are welcome to take dozens of photos in different poses.  Come up with that perfect sunflower field shot from a different angle to post on your Instagram. 

Learn the health benefits of sunflower seeds

pile of sunflower seeds on a white table
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Sunflower seeds are healthy!  There are numerous studies that link the consumption of sunflower seeds with health benefits like a lower risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic inflammation, diabetes, and heart disease.  Those little seeds are packed with nutrients that support your immune system and boost your energy level, which is especially important during pandemic times.

Of course, you can’t eat the sunflower seeds off of these beautiful Ohio sunflowers, but you can grab a seed pack from the store and bring it to munch on while you walk through the fields.  The seeds are harvested from the blooming flowers on the sunflower plant and then removed from their hard black and white striped shell to reveal a soft white seed.  They can be eaten raw or roasted, have a nutty flavor, and are packed full of nutritional value.

Using sunflower oil is a great alternative to peanut butter for those with allergies.  Use a creamy sunflower butter on your next lunch sandwich and bask in the health benefits of sunflower seeds!

Order some healthy sunflower seeds or sunflower oil spread!!

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Jen Nilsson

I could just hang out on this post for hours looking at all the beautiful sunflowers. They make me so happy! The sunflower was my late partner’s favorite flower, so when I see them, I think of it as a sign from him. Thanks for this post and for happy memories!


I LOVE sunflower fields! I would be in heaven here! Wandering sunflower fields is the most magical of all!!


Sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers and you make me want to go to Ohio to visit these fields. We have a few in New Jersey and they just make me so happy! 🙂


Aww, sunflowers make me so happy! I still have yet to visit a sunflower field but it’s on my list!


This was such a helpful guide! I grew up on the PA/Ohio border and had no idea Ohio had so many sunflower fields.

Linda Egeler

Thanks for the map of sunflower fields. We need to plan a trip to Cleveland later this summer. I’m going to try to schedule it for the time when sunflowers are in bloom!


These are such beautiful fields on sunflowers! I find it so interesting how sunflowers can look so different depending on the type…and yet so beautiful!


There are some gorgeous sunflower fields in Ohio to choose from! I haven’t made it to one yet – every time I’m near one the sunflowers are all burnt!


I so enjoy visiting sunflower fields. Last year I went to one near Cincinnati, Ohio. They simply make me happy!. It was very interesting to read that sunflowers were planted in Chernobyl and “cleanse the soil”. I had no idea. I also love how you incorporated VanGogh’s famous painting into your blog. Very nice.Thanks for sharing this great post.


Wooow, love this! Sunflower fields are so beautiful, but I have never seen them with my own eyes – talk about bad timing haha. But your guide is so complete, I’m going to save it!


Wow I didn’t know there were so many sunflower fields in Ohio! I love that sunflower farm where you can dedicate a flower to a loved one.


A sea of yellow. I love sunflowers, especially sunflower seeds. I would love to wander in fields like this. I need to find one closer to home!


Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. I have never seen them in Ohio. These are just gorgeous! Thanks for a fun read.


I so enjoyed this bright post. So fun, beautiful, joyful, and informative. Thank you for sharing all the great tips.


I used to not enjoy sunflowers, but now they are growing on me. Thanks for all of the details in this post.

Ivan Kralj

Wow, those fields are lovely! The white card attached to a sunflower in your first pic drew my attention and made me wonder what that is. It was great to learn that these are prayer cards – what a thoughtful idea to enable people to find solace in the sunshine and happiness the yellow fields bring! There should be more programs where we can adopt flowers, the same way we can adopt endangered animals for instance. Great idea!

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