admiring the sunflowers at maria's field of hope in avon ohio

Cute Outfits to Wear in a Sunflower Field

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Last Updated on May 5, 2023

What to wear in a Sunflower Field

hugging couple Wearing neutral colors as an example of outfits to wear in a sunflower field
What to wear for a sunflower field photoshoot

If you are getting ready to head out to your favorite flower field, plan ahead with these outfit ideas for what to wear for sunflower field pictures and a handy list of perfect outfits to wear to a sunflower field so that your photoshoot is perfect!

Those beautiful flowers don’t last long, so schedule your photoshoot date and grab one of these sunflower field outfit ideas.

Tips for Pictures in a Sunflower Field

sunflower reaching for the sky in a field of sunflowers in ohio

When is the best time to visit the sunflower fields?

The fields are busiest on the weekends, so if you can stop by during their weekday opening hours, it will be less crowded. There will undoubtedly be many other photographers in the sunflower fields; some of them being professionals on tall ladders to capture the 6-foot tall sunflowers!

Really though, most of the sunflower fields are large, so you will usually be able to find a secluded spot to yourself no matter when you go. If you are aiming for great photos, try for sunrise or late afternoon for the best lighting. Keep reading on for my tips on what to wear for a sunflower photoshoot!

What shoes to wear to the sunflower fields.

lady standing on the edge of a muddy field of sunflowers wearing boots
Be prepared for muddy sunflower fields!

Make sure you are prepared to walk in muddy or dusty fields.

Rainy weather will make the sunflower fields muddy, so wear appropriate shoes. It may also be wet in the morning before all the dew is burned off in the hot sunshine. The best practice is not to wear good shoes to go walking around in sunflower fields.

What to wear at sunflower fields?

mother and daughter holding hands in a sunflower field
What color to wear for sunflower pictures? Wear neutral colors so that the yellow sunflowers POP!

What color to wear with sunflowers:

The best colors to wear to a sunflower field are neutral colors like beiges or whites. That way the bright yellow sunflowers will POP in your photos and you will not overpower them. Don’t wear something completely yellow or green, or you will blend in and be invisible in your photos.

Add a little bit of fun to your sunflower photoshoot outfits by choosing one decorated with the yellow beauties!

If you are thinking about accessories and wondering what colors to wear in a sunflower field, think bright! An orange-colored outfit, a cute hat, or an accessory would also be cute next to the sunflowers

Keep reading for some cute ideas of what to wear to take pictures with sunflowers.

two ladies sitting in a sunflower field as an example of cute ideas and outfits to wear in a sunflower field
Good colors to wear in a sunflower field

Ideas for what to wear for sunflower photos

All of these are cute outfits to wear to a sunflower field and won’t break your bank. Bonus points are that some of these ideas have those yellow beauties right on the clothing, so you will be a perfect match!

Try this sunflower clothing with those happy flowers right on the clothing!

More Sunflower Clothing Ideas!

admiring the sunflowers at maria's field of hope in avon ohio
Wear an orange hat in the sunflower field!

Here are NINE more tops that will look nice for your sunflower photoshoot

The perfect accessories to match your outfit for the sunflower field!

Have you decided what to wear for sunflower pictures?

Send me your beautiful sunflower Instagram photos wearing your cute sunflower clothes! Is there more selections of outfits to wear in a sunflower field? You can do it again!!
Since it was so much fun, visit another flower field the next week to plan another sunflower field photoshoot.

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