Visiting the Gaylord Opryland Resort Gardens in Nashville

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Last Updated on February 18, 2024

Gaylord Opryland Resort Gardens in Nashville

Can you visit Gaylord Opryland without staying there?

Yes, you can!!

Come inside Opryland Resort Gardens in Nashville for a fun-filled afternoon of FREE touring activities.  You don’t need a room and you don’t need to spend the night, you can wander around the beautiful 9 acres of gardens, waterfalls, gazebos, and little waterways for hours without spending a cent. 

Follow along for all the Tips for Visiting the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville!

Opryland Garden Resort sculpture

The Gaylord Opryland Resort Gardens are such a delight as you stroll through this nature-filled, temperature-controlled lush environment as a day visitor to the Opryland hotel.  It will definitely take you on a virtual vacation to the outdoors.  Take lots of pictures and make your friends jealous!

Opryland Resort Gardens - kiss in the garden

Can you go inside Gaylord Opryland without staying there?

Follow along and take note of all the cool Instagram photos you can get INSIDE OPRYLAND HOTEL!

While you are at Opryland Hotel, make sure to stop next door in order to take in a country music show at the Grand Ole Opry!

For Booking info for the Grand Ole Opry and other fun things to do in Nashville:

performers on stage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
Inside audience looking at stage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville

Booking at Gaylord Opryland Gardens

Want to get a room at Gaylord Opryland in order to spend more time at the GARDENS????


And now the important information for visiting the Opryland Hotel:

Where is the garden conservatory at Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville


2800 Opryland Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, 615-889-1000

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Parking at Opryland Hotel when you don’t have a reservation

Opryland hotel parking is $35 for a visit.  That’s a hefty price to walk around the free gardens.  I recommend parking your car FOR FREE at Opry Mills Mall shopping center near the movie complex and walking a short distance to the hotel entrance. The lot was so empty when we visited!  We were able to easily park our large motorhome near the walkway to the Opryland hotel.

Side note:  After you are done taking photos at Opryland Resort Gardens, walk over to Opry Mills Mall and get some shopping done!  There are a lot of good stores that will satisfy the shopaholic.

Opry Mills Interior-Opryland
Image: Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau

After parking for free at Opry Mills Mall, walk between the white fence and follow the signs toward the Gaylord Opryland Events Center, continuing past the Center and under the green awning. Following this walkway will lead you to the Delta entrance to the Opryland Hotel Resort Gardens!

Now you can go inside to enjoy this unique Nashville garden hotel!

Opryland Resort Entrance at Delta Area
Delta Entrance to Gaylord Opryland Hotel

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Gaylord Opryland Hotel Map

Can you walk around Opryland Hotel?

Yes, you can, but I recommend looking at a map. We got lost a couple of times.  …and since we also didn’t stay together we ended up wandering off in different directions.  After all, Gaylord Opryland is the largest non-gaming hotel in the continental US!! Use the handy map to plan your time at Gaylord Opryland Botanical Gardens. It’s bigger than you think! Think “Las Vegas resort” size!

Use this map for the Gaylord Opryland map to navigate around the different sections of the garden displays.

Opryland Resort Gardens complex Map
Gaylord Opryland Resort Map

It is worth it to plan a route through this very large garden conservatory so that you don’t miss anything. 

They have maps posted at most of the entrances. Yes, you will need it!  I sometimes felt like I was walking around a jungle on the winding paths.

Areas to visit inside Opryland Hotel

Delta is the first and largest area that you will come to if you walk from the Opry Mills Mall parking lot.  The other areas are Cascades, Magnolia, and the Garden Conservatory.  Perhaps you should even visit the main lobby of this grand hotel!

Opryland Resort Gardens, Image Source: Commons

Delta Area of Opryland Resort Gardens

If you follow my advice and walk from the Opry Mills Mall parking lot, you will end up in the Delta area first.  This is the largest of the indoor gardens and houses many different attractions like the Delta River, the Fountain with water shows, and the Riverboat for your cruising enjoyment.  Plan to spend most of your time in Delta, but don’t forget to see the other sections of the Opryland Resort Gardens because there is still half of the hotel yet to discover!

Opryland Garden Resort Waterfall
Enjoy the view at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel Conservatory

Main Island in the Delta Area

If you are hungry, there are plenty of counter service and snack shop places to eat.  If you are eager for souvenirs, there are plenty of little shops.  The main island is like a mini-city that you can walk around and admire. 

Opryland Delta Main Island
Visiting Gaylord Opryland snack area!

Want an even better idea?  When you are visiting Opryland Hotel, grab some sandwiches and have a picnic in this fabulous natural setting.  There are plenty of tables near the foliage to gather around and munch on your goodies.

Delta River in Opryland Resort Gardens

Delta River in Opryland Resort Gardens

You will notice a scenic quarter–mile long winding river gently flowing through the Delta area.  Somehow this river was made from 1,700 water samples from rivers around the world, including every single river in the USA!

The list of donating rivers is quite long and there are many plaques lining the river bank to document the donors.

List of all the donating rivers around the world

Delta Riverboat Cruise

As a highlight on the Delta River, believe-it-or-not, they actually have a Southern-style flatbed river boat taking guests on tours through the Delta area.  The tours are priced at $11 for adults and last about 15 minutes with the riverboat guides sharing their knowledge about the plants and animal life spread throughout the Delta riverbanks in the Opryland resort. 

Opryland Resort Gardens Riverboat
Opryland Resort Gardens Riverboat through the Delta Area

If you are touring Opryland Resort Gardens as a happy couple, you can opt for the Romantic Cruise around the Delta Atrium.  This $65 option gives you two trips around the river for 2 people with music and romance.  Reservations are required for this special cruise.


Atrium Glass Ceiling

The Atrium roof is a beautiful architectural wonder that is displayed above your head, stretching across the wide expanse of the Delta area as glowing glass that allows the sun to spread its rays upon all its green recipients below.  According to guides, the glass also provides a safe haven during storms since it is incredibly durable and indestructible!

Opryland Resort Entrance at Delta Glass Ceiling
Huge Glass Ceiling at Gaylord Opryland Resort Gardens

Opryland Fountains in Delta Area

The Opryland water fountains operate all day so you can sit and enjoy the water as it changes to different heights and angles while you sit among the garden scenery

Opryland Resort Gardens - Water Fountain in Delta
Opryland Hotel Water Fountain Show

However, the spectacle is at night when the music and light shows are displayed at the fountain. There is a show each hour that is a choreographed display of water and lights which is set to music. Can you imagine having one of those Opryland hotel rooms with a view of the fountain?

Where to stand for the Opryland Water Fountain Show 

First of all, watch out for the railing.  Don’t ruin your melodic water video by having that big railing in the middle of your picture.  Perhaps find a spot where you can stand slightly further back because the fountain sprays the water high into the air and you don’t want to have to keep panning up and down to get it all in your video frame.

Opryland Fountain Show Times

The Opryland Fountain Water Shows are every hour from 6 pm – 10 pm at the Delta Foundtain.  The shows alternate but there really isn’t an official list of Opryland Fountain Shows.  However, if you see the one at 7pm and you are still there at 8pm, you can see a new show that is just as entertaining.  There is also a special Christmas-themed show during the holidays.

Other fun happenings in the Delta Area at Opryland Resort Gardens

The Falls Bar has live music on weekend afternoons so that you can sit and relax with your mimosa while surrounded by beautiful gardens.

There are also Animal Encounters in the afternoon on Fridays and Saturdays.  Staff provide an educational opportunity to interact with and learn about the inhabitants of the garden conservatory

The Learning Log is another educational opportunity for the little ones to crawl in to see the exhibits.  My little ones that aren’t so little still enjoyed peeking into the log!

Opryland Resort Gardens - Learning Log
Opryland Hotel Learning Log

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Other areas to visit on a day trip to Opryland Resort Gardens in Nashville

After you have completely walked through the Delta Area—and that should take you an hour or two—there are still other areas in the Opryland Resort Gardens that you can check out.

Magnolia Area in Opryland Resort Gardens

The Magnolia Area is home to several restaurants as well as the Opryland Water Park, Soundwaves.  The big photo spot for Magnolia is the grand white staircase.

Another important note for the Magnolia area is the location of a good set of restrooms in the hallway at the top of the staircase.  Since we spent several hours walking through the gardens and looking at fountains, this was definitely a necessary stop.

Opryland Resort Gardens - water fountain and pond

Opryland Hotel Water Park

This mega hotel even has its own water park, Nashville’s only resort water experience!  There are exhilarating slides that pump out music as you hurl to the bottom, as well as a lazy river –for those that want a little more relaxation.

SoundWaves is reserved only for hotel guests.  Normally day passes are not available unless you are a guest at a party that was booked at Soundwaves.

The water park looks like a lot of fun with lots of water attractions.  The whole SoundWaves Experience package includes a hotel room, wristband for daily admission to SoundWaves, and baggage storage for early arrivals.

Garden Conservatory at Gaylord Opryland Resort Gardens

The Garden Conservatory Area is home to many more beautiful gardens as well as a flower-covered gazebo.  We were there when it wasn’t in full bloom, but it was still photo-worthy.  My titan hubby decided to strike a godly pose under the gazebo!

Opryland Resort Gardens - titan in the Gazebo
Opryland Hotel Gazebo

The paths wander and wind through more greenery and take you past several sit-down fancy restaurants that will serve you al fresco style and validate your parking if you didn’t opt for the Opry Mills lot.


The Cascade area is nearest to the lobby.  In this area, you can find more greenery, more water fountains, fish in ponds, and waterfalls.

After your walking tour of Opryland Resort Gardens

Do you have more time to spend in Music City? Once you have walked through and enjoyed the beautiful gardens, there are many other free things to do in Nashville.
Click through my other articles to find more Things to do in Nashville and build your itinerary into a great trip!

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