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Murals in Nashville for Fun Instagram Photos

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Last Updated on March 4, 2022

Street Art & Wall Murals in Nashville

Where are the wall murals in Nashville?

I have put together a list of some of the fun wall murals in Nashville.  There are quite a few wall murals located on 12 South and are all easily walkable so plan ahead (and take note of each map of Nashville murals) and you can have a nice Nashville Mural Tour on 12 South!

After you are done admiring all the Nashville street art, see my additional post for details on other sites to see and a MAP about a WALKING TOUR OF NASHVILLE’S 12 SOUTH neighborhood.

12 south sign in nashville

The half-mile on 12 south in Nashville is a quaint little neighborhood with shops and businesses that are unique to Nashville. It is a top destination that should be on your Must-See list due to a large amount of the BEST Nashville murals — in addition to the touristy restaurants and roof-top bars on Broadway.

Here on 12 South is where the BEST WALL MURALS in Nashville are located!

The Best Wall Murals in Nashville on 12 South

Take a virtual Nashville Mural Tour!

Want a guided tour of all the Instagram wall murals in Nashville? Try out these fun tours!

Instagrammable Wall Murals in Nashville on 12 South

Each of these best Nashville murals has a handy Nashville murals map link so that you can easily find it on your walking tour.

Nashville Looks Good on You

2509 12th Avenue South: Map to Nashville Looks Good on you Wall Mural

Nashville Looks Good on you - best wall murals in nashville
NASHVILLE LOOKS GOOD ON YOU wall mural on 12 South

The Nashville Looks Good On You wall mural was our first stop on our walking wall mural tour in Nashville.  A perfect starting Instagram photo to represent the street art on 12 south in Nashville.  It is hidden behind Moda Boutique and Frothy Monkey.  You will need to turn down a long driveway that leads to a parking lot.  The wall mural is at the back of the lot. Simple black wall, but we love the Nashville reference and definitely declare it as one of the best Nashville murals!

Looking Pretty Music City

2709 12th Avenue South: Map to Looking Pretty Music City Mural

standing in front of Looking Pretty in Music CityNashville street art on 12 south

A little further on the same side of the road and around the corner, we found this colorful Nashville street art wall mural of Looking Pretty Music City.  Perfect photo stop for when you are all dressed up for a night out on the town.

Make Music Not War

2902 12th Avenue South Map to Make Music Mural

seated in front of Make Music not War one of the wall murals in Nashville TN

We crossed 12 South and walked along the other side for our next amazing sample of the 12 South Nashville murals.  This street art mural features some records to spin in order to make some music.  It is on the side of the EPICE Takeout building.

location of make music not war on side of building
Location of Make Music Not War wall mural on 12 South in Nashville

Vintage Flower Mural

2900 12th Avenue South Map to Wild Flower Mural

3 beautiful girls in front of flower wall street art:  one of the wall murals in Nashville on 12 south

This colorful mural is across from Make Music Not War and on the side of the shop that is located there.  Add a sprinkle of my three daughters and it becomes a Masterpiece of art!

flower wall mural in nashville
Location of Flower Mural 12 South Nashville Murals

Yellow Fox Wall Mural

2814 12th Avenue South  Map to the Yellow Fox Art Mural

three girls in front of the yellow fox street art: one of the best Nashville murals
Beautiful wall mural in Nashville

We saw this wild art display from far away as we were approaching it.  It is bright vivid yellow and pops out at you. There are other animals pictured in this Nashville street art, but the fox peaking out at the corner is what caught my attention. You will need to stand far away to get the whole shot of this Nashville street art!

Halcyon Bike Shop

2802 12th Avenue South:  Map to Halcyon Bike Shop Mural

bike shop mural in nashville

This cyclist shop has gotten into the spirit of wall murals and has made my list of best murals in Nashville Tennessee. Their mural artistically decorates the side of the store quite appropriately with bikes and wheels.

I Believe in Nashville

2700 12th Avenue South: Map to I Believe in Nashville wall mural

Brick wall featuring I believe in Nashville street art sign: one of the most popular murals in Nashville Tennessee
THE MOST FAMOUS wall mural in Nashville is on 12 South!

This is one of the most famous murals in Nashville.  There are other replicas at Nashville mural locations around the city, but the original street art calls 12 South its home.  This street art is so famous that it has its own I Believe in Nashville Mural website.

Draper James Wall

2608 12th Avenue South: Map to Draper James Wall

Draper James blue and white wall

Just a blue and white wall, but still so photogenic, and puts it on the list of Nashville Instagram murals.  This wall is located on the side of Draper James, the fashionable clothing store founded by Reese Witherspoon, and is painted in blue and white stripes that are the color palette of the store. There is also a cute little white bench that is perfect for more snapshots. –or for hiding in the shade from the hot Nashville sun!


2316 12th Avenue South:  Map to Cityscape

wall mural in nashville - cityscape

I found this mural while snacking on Jeni’s Splendid ice cream. It was across the street on an old abandoned building with a big parking lot in front of it.  Here is the story of CityScape’s artist here

Enjoy all the famous murals in Nashville!

We could have spent hours on 12 South looking at all the colorful Nashville street art. The 104-degree heat got the better of us that day and we decided to take a break to go swimming at the campground. We did enjoy our brief walk down 12 South and definitely filled our Instagram feed for quite a few days with many artistic wall murals in Nashville!

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Proud pappa on the wall flower mural and I like Michelle in the one Make Music not War! Love you guys!

We were traveling to Nashville over the 4th, but the event we were going to was cancelled. So sad. But, maybe next year. I love these murals. So much fun.

I would really love to go on a road trip next year. You clearly had so much fun and I’d love to experience that too.

This looks like an awesome thing to explore In Nashville during the day. Thanks so much for adding the addresses and pictures! That really helps so much!

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