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Enjoying Las Vegas Natural Attractions and Outdoor Activities

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Last Updated on March 18, 2024

Attractions for the Nature and Outdoor Lover in Las Vegas

mountains in the backdrop of old cars and buildings in a ghost town in Las Vegas


When tourists think of Las Vegas, they typically think of neon and bright lights rather than nature and outdoor attractions!  However, this area does have its own natural beauty and a remarkable array of outdoor attractions that captivate the senses and beckon adventure seekers.  If you are looking for an escape from the glitzy casinos and bustling showrooms, here are the Best Las Vegas Natural Attractions and Outdoor Attractions.

Is there Nature around Las Vegas?

From the awe-inspiring natural wonders that surround the city to the adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities that push boundaries, Las Vegas proves that its allure extends far beyond the neon glow, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a world of outdoor marvels and unforgettable experiences.

Las Vegas Natural Attractions

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Flamingos at the Flamingo

Enjoying Las Vegas Natural Attractions and Outdoor Activities 1 Flamingos at Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas

🦩Did you know they had FLAMINGOS at the Flamingo Hotel??🦩

We stayed on the Las Vegas strip on the first night of our trip to Las Vegas.
The Flamingo Hotel & Casino is right in the middle of the action and a great home base for a Las Vegas strip vacation.

The Flamingo Wildlife habitat has its own population of flamingos and is an idyllic escape from the buzz of Las Vegas. Roam the peaceful and relaxing four-acre gardens, complete with meandering streams, waterfalls, and wildlife like exotic birds, turtles, and fish. With no cost to enter, the habitat is a fun and FREE experience!

Stay at the Las Vegas Flamingo Resort in the center of the strip!

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area 

red stone Red Rock Canyon Entrance sign with red rock mountains in the background
Red Rock Canyon is one of the best Las Vegas Natural Attractions!

1000 Scenic Loop Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89161 MAP

Red Rock Canyon is a great outdoor site in Las Vegas that is only 15 miles away from the strip.  The 13-mile scenic loop through the conservation area will take you past some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Las Vegas area with gorgeous red rock formations! 

There are pullouts for photographers to capture the stunning landscape, 19 trails for hikers, and giant red rock formations for rock climbers.  Some of the most popular hikes are Calico Basin and Ice Box Canyon.

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Check out these and other great tours to Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area

Don’t want to hike or drive Red Rock Canyon? Check this unique tour out!

Seven Magic Mountains 

7 towers of colorful rocks in the sunset at Birthday stop in Las Vegas at Seven Magic Mountains


Seven Magic Mountains is a large, free art installation located in Henderson, Nevada, and a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip.  It consists of seven towers of colorful, stacked boulders that are more than 30 feet high, shooting out of the barren desert.

It was created by internationally renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone in 2016 for a two-year exhibit.  It has become so popular and loved, particularly by Instagrammers, that its exhibition has been extended!

Take note of the weather when you visit Seven Magic Mountains.  It was sunset when we stopped and the chill was blowing in, so we had the quickest photo session ever!  We were not able to enjoy the interpretive signage at the installation.

There is a small parking lot nearby that was almost full at sunset, and NO restroom facilities at the artistic site.

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Valley of Fire

29450 Valley of Fire Highway, Overton, NV 89040  MAP

red rocks and valleys
Valley of Fire, image Commons Media

The Valley of Fire State Park is less than an hour’s drive from the heart of Las Vegas.  Exploring the Valley of Fire is like stepping onto another planet, with its vibrant red rock formations and surreal landscapes that seem straight out of a sci-fi movie. As the sun casts its golden hues upon the ancient sandstone formations, visitors are treated to a mesmerizing spectacle that highlights the raw beauty of nature’s artistic prowess.

This is a great place to enjoy nature near Vegas.  There are a lot of trails to hike, with various degrees of difficulty.  You can enjoy the sandy desert with its unique geology, while you are relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip.

Need a tour of the Valley of Fire from Las Vegas? Try one of these!

Zion National Park

large mountainous sides of a red canyon in Zion National Park

Zion National Park has many adventurous activities and scenic views. With over 100 miles of hiking trails, visitors can explore stunning canyons, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking vistas throughout the park's rugged terrain. Angels' Landing is one of the best-known trails in Zion National Park. That one is geared and suggested only for very adventurous and avid hikers!

Getting to Zion National Park from Las Vegas is convenient and straightforward, with a scenic drive of approximately 2.5 hours. Interstate 15 provides a direct route, offering travelers a smooth journey through picturesque landscapes before arriving at the park's entrance.

Does this national park display the best nature around Las Vegas and the best natural wonders near Las Vegas??

An epic way to experience Zion National Park is by glamping. This includes all the fun of camping without sacrificing the modern amenities of a hotel room. There are many glamping options in Zion National Park, enabling you to enjoy nature at the park without having to 'rough it!'

PRO TIP: You can experience more natural sites near Vegas by taking your time and visiting this park on a one week road trip from Las Vegas to Zion National Park with stops at the Grand Canyon and the park's gateway city of Kanab, Utah.

Hoover Dam

Dam and large bridge
Hoover Dam Bypass by dph1110 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Not a natural wonder near Las Vegas, but rather, an ARCHITECTURAL WONDER!

Visiting the Hoover Dam is an awe-inspiring journey into engineering marvels and historical significance. As you stand upon this colossal concrete structure that holds back the mighty Colorado River to form Lake Mead you can gaze down at the intricate web of infrastructure.

This major attraction offers many tours of the dam and power plant, but can also get really crowded.  Great views can be on your own as you make your way across the dam!  AND THIS LAS VEGAS OUTDOOR ATTRACTION IS FREE TO VIEW!! only the tours cost money!

Looking for more Free Activities in Las Vegas? Check out my post!

Looking for a Hoover Dam Tour with Transportation???? Try one of these!

Nelson's Ghost Town and Landing

posing in the dirt with old cars and an old building for Birthday photos in Las Vegas at Nelsons Ghosttown

Outdoor activity near Las Vegas!

If you love authentic machinery and nostalgia, Nelson's Ghost Town is the perfect outdoor destination in Las Vegas where you will be able to reminisce about years gone by.  They have quite a collection of vehicles and collectibles that provides a nice tribute to classic Americana. They charge just $1 for walking around their outdoor ‘scenes’.  It felt like we were walking around the set of an old movie.  Classic car bodies were parked in the field and old abandoned buildings beckoned us to show them some love.  We obliged, of course, with a lot of selfies!

Just past the ghost town is Nelson’s Landing.  An adventurer’s dream in the form of cliff jumping!  If you would rather take it easy, you can just enjoy the outdoors.  This is a nice area to relax next to the Colorado River.

Want to tour the old ghost town? Try this one!


While Las Vegas is renowned for its vibrant entertainment, bustling nightlife, and iconic casinos, the city's natural attractions offer a breathtaking contrast that should not be overlooked. Las Vegas natural attractions are close to downtown, making most of them a great day trip to include on your Las Vegas itinerary!

There is a lot of remarkable beauty that exists just beyond the neon lights.

Did I miss your favorite spot to see nature around Las Vegas? Let me know in the comments!

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Love that Seven Magic Mountains art installation. I can see why it’s so popular. The visitors must be camping around for no-people shots 🙂

So excited to be heading to two of these (Magic Mountains and Valley of Fire) later this month. The only two things I seem to have not done in Vegas!

Both Seven Magic Mountains & Nelson’s Ghost Town and Landing look like awesome day trips. I’m flying into Vegas next month and going to Lake Havasu. Excited to check to see if one is on the way!

This post is perfect as I’m planning a hiking trip in and near Las Vegas this fall. Looking forward to all these natural attractions.

Love these great suggestions.

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