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How to Find the Best Airbnb Cleveland Ohio

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Last Updated on May 2, 2024

Cleveland Sign and Downtown Cleveland
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Whether you are taking a day-trip or spending even more days in Cleveland, you want to make sure that you find the best Airbnbs in Cleveland Ohio so that your stay is the most relaxing and affordable. Use this list for finding some of the best airbnb Cleveland Ohio and let me know which one you like!

Airbnb offers more options than standard hotels. It offers privacy as well as all of the amenities of staying at your own house. The Airbnb is usually rented to one family so there are no other guests around, allowing for full relaxation. One of the perks of home is a money-saving tip because you can occasionally make your own meals and save a few bucks that way.

bed with breakfast on it
cities for airbnbs in cleveland ohio
Neighborhoods for Best Airbnbs in Cleveland Ohio

Airbnbs in Cleveland Ohio for Empty Nesters and small groups

Empty-nesters and couples traveling alone, your choices for airbnbs in Cleveland Ohio are listed first. These choices are perfect for the 2 of you and vary from lofts to apartments to whole guest houses, depending on the exact amount of privacy you are looking for. Take a look at these top picks for Airbnb Cleveland Ohio.

Even if you are traveling in a small party, stick around for the list of options for larger families, the kitchen for Choice 8 will astound you and you might just want to find more people to travel with you, or rent that big bad apartment anyway!

Airbnb Downtown Cleveland Choice #1

Guest Suite near Downtown in Huge Beautiful Mansion

Details: 2 guests · 1 bedroom · 1 bed · 1 bath – starts at $89 / night

Stay on the private third-floor suite of this Downtown Cleveland Airbnb home and you will be just a 5-minute drive from downtown, Edgewater State Park and Beach. There is a small functional kitchen here, but if you don’t feel like cooking, there are restaurants nearby.

big house for rent as an Airbnb Cleveland
house bedroom

living room at house

This Cleveland accommodation is perfect for those that are spending time at the historical sites and museums in downtown Cleveland.

Airbnb Cleveland Choice #2

Vintage 1920’s Home on West Side of Cleveland

Details: 3 guests · 1 bedroom · 1 bed · 1 bath – Starts at $64 / night

On the west side of downtown Cleveland, there is this cute 1920’s vintage home that you will have all to yourself.  It is located 10 minutes from downtown and 10 minutes from the airport on a quiet street in the west side historical district.

They take pride in providing extras for example in prepared breakfast staples like pancake mix and granola bars as well as a smart tv connected to the internet for all your Netflix adventures!

outside of house 2
living room of house 2
dining room of house 2
bedroom of house 2

Airbnbs in Gordon Square Arts District in Cleveland

Gordon Square is a district in Cleveland that is known for the arts due to the numerous fancy murals and art galleries sprinkled around the neighborhood. The area has many special event venues throughout the year as well as numerous dining, retail, and trendy nightlife destinations to keep the foodies and active vacationers entertained and well-fed. 

Choosing the Gordon Square Arts District as your home base when you are looking for an Airbnb in Cleveland Ohio will keep you in a central location so that you are still enough close to all the action, yet situated in a relaxing walkable community.

Airbnbs in Cleveland Ohio Choice #3

The Gordon Square Cozy Apartment

Details: 2 guests · 1 bedroom · 1 bed · 1 bath – Starts at $45 / night

This cute little efficiency apartment has everything you need for a relaxing stay from complimentary coffee to bathrobes!  There is a kitchenette to prepare quick meals while you are on the go.  In this Gordon Square apartment, you are a quick 5-minute walk from Edgewater beach for kayaking, sun, and sand.  For those wanting the city-life, you are very close to downtown and also a 5-minute walk to some of the top restaurants in Cleveland.

bedroom of cleveland airbnb3

kitchenette of cleveland airbnb3

Airbnbs in Ohio City in Cleveland

Ohio City is another old nostalgic neighborhood you can stay in when you are looking for Airbnbs and a good place to stay in Cleveland Ohio. Interestingly, Ohio City contains the largest number of craft breweries in Cleveland. 

Ohio City contains the first and only hostel in Cleveland, The Cleveland Hostel, which opened in 2012 and is located conveniently on the city’s public transportation line.

The West Side Market is located in Ohio City and has been a central part of the neighborhood for over one hundred years.  This market is the local selling avenue for hundreds of locally-owned small businesses that hock their wares and foods at the market daily.

Pet-Friendly Airbnb Cleveland Ohio Choice #4

Pet-Friendly AirBNB in Ohio City with cute courtyard

Details: 2 guests · 1 bedroom · 1 bed · 1 bath – Starts at $65 / night

The cute apartment has a courtyard to relax in after your day touring the sites.  Inside, there is a well-stocked kitchen and a comfy bed for the empty-nesters.

This one is PET FRIENDLY, so your furry friend can come along too.

Ohio City is centrally located with easy access to the freeway and a fast route to downtown, so it is a great choice for either business or pleasure trips.

patio of airbnb cleveland 4, the pet-friendly airbnb Cleveland ohio
bedroom of airbnb cleveland 4
kitchen of airbnb cleveland 4

Airbnbs in Tremont in Cleveland

welcome to Tremont Mural
Photo by DJ Johnson on Unsplash

Tremont, located west of downtown, is one of Cleveland’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods.  It is known by foodies for its award-winning eateries.  It is also home to many art galleries, as well as its boutiques, a lively art scene, historic churches, and restored Victorian houses.

joggers on a trail on the Towpath at Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Towpath Trails

The Towpath Trail is a part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Trails that cut through Tremont, leading to beautiful scenery and pathways.  Many joggers, bikers, and dog walkers frequent this trail to admire nature.

For helpful tips about visiting the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, take a look at this article:

The Christmas Story House, an attraction and museum showcasing the original house from the Christmas Story Movie, is one of the must-sees in Cleveland and is located in Tremont.

Airbnb Cleveland Choice #5

Tremont loft with huge private deck

Details: 3 guests · 1 bedroom · 1 bath – Starts at $65 / night

This second-story loft apartment has a huge private deck with views of the Cleveland skyline and the natural surrounding trees.  Relax and enjoy the atmosphere!  The Tremont neighborhood is a cozy, ethnic, and very friendly neighborhood that you will be glad to become a part of for your short stay.

front of house for airbnb cleveland 5
stairway in airbnb Cleveland 5

Airbnb Cleveland Choice #6

Fairview Park guesthose with park-like backyard

Details: 2 guests · 1 bedroom · 1 bed · 1 bath – Starts at $84 / night

The owner of this Airbnb in Cleveland describes Fairview Park as ‘Mayberry!’ so that should give you an idea of what the area is like.  It is west of Cleveland with easy access to the main interstates, minutes from the airport, and a short drive to downtown. This is a single-family home that you will have all to yourself, including a washer, dryer, and a secure driveway for your car all on a very natural lot that seems like a park.

grassy yard and trees near airbnb Cleveland 6
living room of airbnb Cleveland 6

Airbnb Cleveland Choice #7

Brookpark Efficiency near CLE Airport

Brookpark is where you want to stay if you want to be close to the airport since it is minutes away.  It is a short drive to downtown Cleveland and all the sites the big city has to offer.

In this adorable little house, there is a small kitchen area to prepare your daily breakfast before going on to the city, but there are also many restaurants nearby. The back porch is a great place to relax and unwind after a long day touring the city. If the weather in Cleveland is not cooperating, the family room is also nice and cozy.

front of house for airbnb Cleveland 7
back porch picnic area for airbnb Cleveland 7
living room with couches in airbnb Cleveland 7

Are you traveling in a larger group or with your family and in need of a whole house with more space for your family and friends? The next few choices of Airbnbs in Cleveland Ohio are bigger. They have more rooms and more beds to rest all the weary heads that are worn out from touring Cleveland Ohio. Take a close look at choice # 8. It is my absolute favorite because of that kitchen!

Airbnb Cleveland Choice #8

Fun & Trendy Gordon Square Duplex

Details: 6 guests · 2 bedrooms · 2 beds · 1 bath – Starts at $89 / night

The entire upstairs of this duplex home will be yours, which includes the large and beautiful industrial-style kitchen and a huge private balcony.  Take your whole family of 6 to Cleveland, and you can all relax in the spacious 2nd floor. 

It is close enough to walk to restaurants and bars – but do you really want to with that kitchen!  It is also close to Edgewater Beach on the shore of Lake Erie and a short ride to downtown Cleveland and all the sites.

airbnb Cleveland house 8
kitchen in airbnb cleveland house 8
dining table in Airbnb Clevelandhouse 8

Airbnb Cleveland Choice #9

Lakewood Luxurious Home

Details: 4 guests · 2 bedrooms · 3 beds · 1 bath – Starts at $96 / night

You can reserve this entire home for your family of 4 in Lakewood, near to Cleveland, and all the sites. This is a really cute vintage 1920 home that was newly remodeled while keeping the centuries-old charm. It finds itself a good spot on the list for best Airbnbs in Cleveland Ohio with its comfortable amenities and great location.

front view of airbnb cleveland house 9
living room of airbnb cleveland house 9
dining area of airbnb cleveland house 9

If you are in need of some time in the sun, check out the BEST BEACHES NEAR CLEVELAND!

Cleveland Sign and Downtown Cleveland
Photo by DJ Johnson on Unsplash

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