Delicious Must-Try Food of Peru

Peru is a gastronomy paradise with a long list of Must-try Food of Peru. The traditional Peruvian food is served in restaurants and streets throughout the country for an experience in the country’s culture, authentic Peruvian food & culinary creativity.

Travel One Day in Lima Peru

Travel one day in Lima Peru and explore the capital city. Make time to spend at least one day in Lima Peru before you jet off to other areas of the country. There is so much to do and experience in this city that it may be difficult to complete your Lima One Day Itinerary!

What’s a Llama? Llamas versus Alpacas: Feeding Llamas in Peru!

The main differences between a llama and an alpaca are the size, the ears, and the fur. Learn the differences between llamas and alpacas as we recount our travels through Peru.
Our trip through Peru was full of all types of llamas: big and small, white and black, free-roaming grass mowers and people-owned picture props