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5 Fun Reasons to Take a Carnival Halloween Cruise

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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

Why Take a Cruise on Carnival?

We are new empty-nesters, living it up and enjoying our new-found freedom.  We decided that the best place to celebrate Halloween was….on a cruise ship!  The Carnival Halloween Cruise was just the kind of entertainment we needed!

Carnival cruise ship liberty docked in Nassau
Carnival Liberty in Nassau

Previously having sailed with the kids on Disney cruise line, we chose to become adults and sail on Carnival.  It was quite a difference, but we definitely enjoyed our Halloween cruise. Also, see my review of the European Cruise line and their huge MSC Meriviglia to compare to American lines.

Top 5 Reasons to CRUISE NOW

  1. Cruises have initiated pandemic safety protocols. Safe vaccinated cruises are offered!
  2. REDUCED deposits. As incentives to BOOK NOW cruiselines are offering very low deposit requirments
  3. Many cruiselines have their newest ships on SALE
  4. ALL SHIPS are CHEAP prices
  5. Warm destinations are definitely possible!

Here are the top 5 reasons to take a Carnival Halloween Cruise.

  • 1. The Ship.  Our ship was Carnival Liberty.  She was beautiful. Somehow they must have hidden all the kids on board. I hardly ever saw any of them It was quite nice!

It was a little chilly for some people when we boarded in the crisp October Florida weather.  Soon we sailed south and warmer temperatures arrived.  The pool area was very enjoyable in the warmer weather.

buried in sweatshirts on a cruise
Chilly weather in Orlando
pool on cruise ship
Enjoying the pool in warmer weather

Splurge on a balcony.  It is great to sit outside on the balcony when everyone else has their suitcase but you.  You can spy on the luggage guys and spot yours on its way up to your cabin. 

truck with the luggage waiting to be loaded onto the Carnival Cruise ship
I see my suitcase!!!

Balconies are also a great place for the guys to bond while the women freshen up. Sometimes that takes a while, so they get to also enjoy the sunsets.

 staring out at sea on the balcony of the Carnival cruiseship
Counting waves on the Carnival Liberty Cruise ship balcony
  • 2. Halloween Costumes.  There is a gathering outside of the casino for anyone wearing a costume.  Of course, we participated.  Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love dressing up. It is even more fun when your partner (in crime!) joins you to make a dynamic duo.
Halloween costumes on the Halloween Carnival Cruise
Costumes on a Halloween Carnival Cruise: The Joker with Harley Quinn

The cruise staff judged the adults in many different categories.  The finalists were brought on stage for the audience to determine the grand prize winner.  Many costumes were elaborate, so it was fun to look around. I wondered how some of these fancy costumes were packed into the tiny cruise suitcases. For the costume judging, we were all packed in the lobby and there was barely any room to move around. Alas, it must have been too crowded and the staff did not see us in our costumes since we were not picked as finalists!

Carnival Halloween Cruise: Costume Party

After the costume judging, there was a costume parade so that all the people that participated could strut our stuff in our costumes in front of the party-poopers that didn’t dress up.

  • 3. Halloween Treats Extra goodies during this spooktacular time of the year.  After feasting at the buffet there is always room for more sweet treats.
Halloween desserts on Carnival Halloween Cruise
Halloween Carnival Cruise Treats
  •  4. Entertainment.  We enjoyed the more ‘adult’ entertainment on this cruise ship.  We went to hear the comedian every night and were able to laugh at the rated ‘R’ humor without kids present.  Up on the pool deck, we witnessed the Hairy Chest contest in the afternoon, where bare-chested men competed for this title mainly by exhibiting their dancing hip movements.  Somehow the man with the least hair on his chest won this contest.
bride and groom

The Love and Marriage Show.  This is similar to the Newly-wed Game of long ago.  Couples are brought on stage in this R-rated show to be questioned as they discuss their sex life (hereafter referred to as Ice Cream as the announcer did on stage).  Participants were picked based on a TARZAN call.  Hubby called upon his inner jungle spirit and had the performance of a lifetime when his yell echoed through the whole hall and the MC called us directly on stage! Yay?

5 Fun Reasons to Take a Carnival Halloween Cruise 1 snapshot 008
My Tarzan!

  The audience voted on the winners as they revealed intimate answers about their Ice Cream with the last challenge being a passionate kiss for the audience to judge.  The good thing is that our friend’s phone died and what happened in that theater shall never be revealed or posted on the blog!  Sorry Pam, no blackmail! Throughout the remainder of the cruise, random passengers would ask us how the ice cream was. Quite unnerving!! We won a fabulous prize that we will treasure always.  I have seen these beautiful Carnival trophies for sale on eBay, but ours was won authentically and I have the fond memories of that traumatic event to prove it.

Carnival Cruise line trophy
Love and Marriage Prize
  •  5. The Bahamas and the Islands No more sweatshirts and coats, only beautiful sun.  Stops in Nassau and the cruise line’s private island can be secluded, tropical and so relaxing if you pick the right excursion.  Relaxing on the beach is the perfect conclusion to the Halloween party fun and a relief from our hectic life of chaos.
dining on the beach
feet up and relaxing on the beach
ship in the distance

Halloween is a great time to travel. Some of the best places to visit in October can be seen by CRUISESHIP! Will you take the next Halloween Cruise???

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Looks like a fun way to celebrate Halloween. I would never have thought of taking a cruise.

Love the idea of a hairy chest contest – haven’t heard of one of those before! Bet it was a bit chilly for the lads taking part.

Sounds like a lot of fun. I bet you must have seen some incredible costumes of this cruise?

This is such a great idea to celebrate Halloween. I love that it’s more than costumes, there are beautiful beaches to see as well.

I really love the idea of us parents doing Halloween without the kids! And what great way to do it, on a cruiceship!
Cheers from Stockholm Sweden 🙂

I’ve always wanted to be more creative for Halloween costumes, but decided to just love and admire all the amazing ideas I see other people come up with – love your costumes, though! And, a Newlywed like game? Hilarious!

Definitely a unique way to spend Halloween! I never would have considered it before.

Thank you for this, you have pretty much convinced me to give cruising a go!

Some really quirky ideas for celebrating halloween. Love the Harley Quin costume, she’s such an awesome character.

Looks like so much fun – I would never have thought of a cruise for Halloween!

Being Australian, I’ve never really been into Halloween – but this cruise looks like a blast! 🙂

Looks like Halloween is a fun time for a cruise! Your costumes are impressive!

I am so excited for the Halloween. I love Halloween.

This is a great idea, what a fun way to spend Halloween!

That looks absolutely amazing and that you guys had a magnificent time!

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