Tips for Hiking Mt Liamuiga Volcano in St Kitts

Use these tips for hiking Mt Liamuiga volcano in St Kitts in the Caribbean! If you are looking for a challenging, long hike with beautiful rainforest scenery, the 6-hour Mt. Liamuiga volcano hike will no doubt exceed your expectations.

Ultimate Guide for 3 Days in Puerto Rico

If you are spending a long weekend in Puerto Rico, follow this ultimate guide to enjoy Puerto Rico in 3 days. If you have more vacation time, you can spend 4 days in Puerto Rico and add a bonus day to your Puerto Rico itinerary!  

The Best 10 Beaches in Cleveland Ohio That You MUST Visit!

Find a great place to soak up the sun at one of the best beaches in Cleveland Ohio. They all have so many options and activities to do; including kayaking, watching sunsets, picnicking, hiking, swimming, and sunbathing. So many things to do at so many of the beaches near Cleveland!!